My name is Antoine Naudet. I'm Vietnamese, born in France, half a century ago. I grew up in the suburbs of Paris, studied and started working in Paris during a decade, before moving to the South of France where I'm currently based, although I like to travel as soon as I can.

I'm mainly a photographer, but I've also been a geek since I was a child. I've had a first 15-years-career as an IT engineer, then another 10 years as a freelance graphic designer. I'm always interested in anything creative, learning/teaching and teaming with people. These days, I like to make pictures, films and stills. I enjoy both the purpose and the process. I'm keen at postprocessing (editing, enhancing, retouching, color grading) and consider it as fully part of the creative craft. I'm proficient with the current and usual tools (Photoshop, Lightroom, Capture One, DaVinci Resolve). I'll be happy to collaborate with you, by shooting, editing or color grading your pictures.

Feel free to contact me, I'm always in to team-up and explore unexpected situations.

Phone/Signal: +33 (0)617 229 029